Monday, May 14, 2012


of all things that had happened, i wonder why it is still there,
why it is so persistent on living in there,
it is so absurd to be that persistent,

be betrayed for times and times,
dont you have the heart?
dont you feel the pain?
dont you have the pride?

stop being persistent,
for thousands times i plead to you,
please stop it forever.
may you be at peace again~

Sunday, May 13, 2012


a lot to be done but not in mood to do them,,
kena hantar tu kena hantar ni,
kena buat tu, kena buat ni,
tapi satu pun tak jalan,,

**apela nak jadi~

Sunday, May 6, 2012

so rawak~

still tak suka
still perlu berusaha
still sakit
still perlu berusaha

i hate you!!

end of story
but not the end yet~

i hate you!!

for all the faults
for all the wound

i hate you!!
i say but deep inside
still loving you~

to be continued~~

the heart

the wound wont stop bleeding
time do flies fast
but the wound wont heal
not long enough yet

as strong the bars i put there,
that strong i want you to be
so that 1 day you will crush the bars by yourself and not getting hurt

as strong i make the will
i want my limbs to be that strong
so that they wont disobey the will