Monday, October 17, 2011

weird thing


last night my friend slept at my house,,
and early in the morning she left my house..

but when i wake up later, i found that my door is locked,,

tapi pintu tu suppose tu tak boleh di kunci dari luar,,
so, in the afternoon when i see my friend i ask her how did she locked up my door,,
but, she said that she didnt locked it up,,
she just left it unlocked as usual..

so, bermain-main di kepala la how did the door is being locked..

here some of my conclusion?!

1)i sleepwalking and lock the door
2)i wake up after she left but i lost the memory of waking up
3)there's someone get in my house from the window and lock it up(since i sleep that night without closing the window)
4)Allah sent some malaikat to lock it up
5)paranormal activity

since i didnt lost anything precious, so, let it be lah,,
taknak pikir banyak2,,
next time i'll make sure she woke me up to lock the door by myself,,